Som Chai All-Day Menu

Som Chai invites guests to embark upon a cultural culinary journey through the diverse regions of Thailand, from the northern hill tribes and provinces to the central royal courts of Bangkok and into the south of the country where Will spent two immersive years learning and understanding southern regional Thai cuisine.


The recipes at Som Chai incorporate traditional Thai ageing and fermenting methods, with the culinary team making their own fish sauce and drying their own prawns and fish. The fresh flavours of the resulting dishes are a result of as many elements as possible being created in-house according to methods gathered by Will through his extensive travels. All curries are prepared in traditional clay pots over wood fires, bringing ancient traditions together with Will’s own touches that never try to reinvent Thai cooking, but only to add and enhance them.


Ancient duck “tom kha bpet” (this is not a soup)

Tom Kha is originally a type of soup consisting of a spicy chicken-curry in coconut milk. In the late 19th century, tom kha was not a soup at all: it was a dish of chicken or duck simmered in a light coconut broth with a generous amount of galangal. The coconut broth adds sweetness to the meat, and the galangal helped to mellow the meat odor. It was then served with a basic roasted chili jam as a dipping relish seasoned along the salty-sour-sweet spectrum. Let me take you on a trip to the Ancient Siam

Coconut braised warm beef salad

Siamese culinary wisdom employs just a few common household ingredients and basic cooking techniques to create a dish bearing a sophisticated flavor profile and pleasing textures. This salad draws together all the vibrant and tongue-tingling taste sensations of Thai street kitchens into one dish. It takes you on a tour of all the major food groups and packs a punch of flavours that is so typically Thailand. The Chiang Mai food scene remains true to its flavorful Thai food roots.

Selection of grilled dishes : Chiang Mai sausages “moo ping and sai krok”

One of the most common snacks on the streets of Bangkok are small little skewers of grilled pork called “Moo Ping”. They are best enjoyed with a vermicelli noodles and a pinch of fresh herbs. and when eaten hot the tender pork melts in your mouth! “Sai Krok” means literally “sausage”. It is one of the foods that Chiang Mai is most famous for. Everyone seems to have their own opinion about which “sai krok” vendor is the best, and if you were to set out to sample all the available options in Chiang Mai, it would be quite the mission impossible.

Spicy “gaeng phet” of slow cooked beef shin

Western people better know “gaeng phet” as “red curry” (thanks to the British Empire). Though its roots are indigenous, the recipe has been influenced by transnational interactions throughout Thailand history. If the “gaeng phet” is spicy, it’s mostly due to the Portuguese introduction of chillies in the traditional curry paste. As I was born in Portugal, let me, my turn, spice up your meal!

“Khanohm gai chaai” spinach and garlic chive dumpling

“Khanohm Gai Chai” originated from the Teochew Chinese immigrants. They cooked it as a part of their offering to pay respect to their gods during the ceremonies. It’s made of plain cut garlic chives wrapped in glutenous rice flour dough. Only people who know or have eaten them would understand the true awesomeness of it. That’s all I’m saying.


Coffee wood smoked mackerel with “jeow bong” relish dried shrimp flat leaf coriander and fish roe served with pork skin

Chicken satay marinated in curry powder coconut cream and peanut sauce

“Pan kib neung” steamed snapper dumpling

Pineapple “ma hor” with scallop caramelized pork mince peanut and crispy fried shallots

Minced fish cakes pounded with red curry paste lime leaf coconut milk served with pickle cucumbers red chili shallot and somen noodle

“Si krok” and “dtam khanoon” grilled home made pork pate and crispy pork belly marinated with sticky rice garlic and fermented for 3 days

Crispy Thai style taco with smoked shredded chicken coconut cream pickled cucumber shredded omelet and sweet chili

Crispy squid with turmeric garlic black pepper served with seafood “nahm jihm”

Soft shell crab “miang kham“ with chili shallots dried coconut peanuts and sweet fish sauce

Crispy soft shell crab with nam prik dtao jiaao relish with fresh herbs and vermicelli noodle

Crispy pork hock “par low style” with master stock caramel duck egg pickled chili and mustard green


Smoked shredded chicken with green mango banana blossom organic wing bean shallot Thai basil and chili jam dressing

Air dried pork “som tum” of green papaya tomato dried shrimp apple eggplant and long bean

Spicy Chiang Mai laap of chicken with shallot Vietnamese mint coriander green shallots and roasted rice

Grilled Tokusen wagyu beef rump with lemongrass roasted rice mint and “nahm jihm jaew”

Grilled prawn and pomelo salad with palm heart lemongrass shallots kencur Asian celery and red “nahm jihm”


Stir fry pumpkin with asparagus shimeji mushrooms pumpkin tendril and garlic

Stir fry vegetables from our Mengwi garden with Thai basil and chili

“Phat gra poa” of chicken mince with sweet corn long bean and fried egg

“Pla dook fuu phat khee mao” crispy tilapia fish tossed fluffy fish wild ginger lime leaf and basil

“Pad ki mao” of beef with chili krachi lime leaf apple eggplant baby corn and Thai basil

“Pad see ew” of minced beef with kale chili garlic flat rice noodles holy basil and sriracha sauce

Pad Thai omelet with chicken dried shrimp banana blossom sweet radish egg garlic chives & sweet tamarind sauce

“Pad prik pao” of chicken with kaffir lime long bean sweet corn Thai basil and chili jam

“Pad ped pla” stir fried crispy fish with red curry wild ginger lime green peppercorn and Thai basil

Crispy salted pork with yellow bean garlic chili and gai lan

“Pad cha” of baby lobster and chicken with wild ginger chilli holy basil green peppercorn and lime leaf


“Naam niaoa shan” style

“Gai galai” half grilled chicken marinated in red curry paste slowly grilled over coconut husks

“Dtohm kha” of chicken with galangal lemongrass shimeji mushrooms daun kelor flat leaf coriander lime leaf coconut milk and chilli oil

“Dtohm yam” seafood with lemongrass galangal shimeji mushrooms daun kelor coriander lime juice tomato and chilli oil

Crispy whole tilapia with sweet chili sauce kaffir lime ginger and shallot

Salt baked baramundi fish stuffed with lemon basil lemongrass fresh dill and “nam pla prik”

Steamed fish with garlic lime green chilli and Asian celery

Crispy pork with “nahm jihm jaew” and tamarillo “naam prik jo:hn” dressing


“Gaeng gari” yellow curry of prawn with salted baby cucumber and pickled cucumber

“Gaeng chua muaang” smokey red curry of pork belly with young mango leaves rose tomato and tamarind

“Gaeng kiew wan” green curry of roasted peking duck with apple eggplant baby corn long bean and Thai basil

Massaman curry of beef shin shank with potato coconut heart and aromatic spices

“Geang kee lek” of cured and smoked salted beef brisket with cinnamon leaves wild ginger and lime leaf

Central Thailand “gaeng choo chee” of prawns with kaffir lime Thai basil and coconut cream