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Will Meyrick and Ben McRae are hosting an exceptional dinner, introducing a series of cuisine culture collaborations: “A culinary journey through tribal lands”

DEC 8TH, 7.00PM


Optional: Our drinks trolley will offer a selection of cocktails and wines to perfect your culinary experience

Will Meyrick combines his passions for cooking and photography to present a collection of his favourite photographic portraits, landscapes and street scenes displayed amongst the diners at Som Chai. This exhibition represents a culmination of his personal exploration of traditional and authentic Thai culture and hundreds of recipes over his 15 years of travel throughout Thailand.

Inspired by the rich and diverse history, culture and culinary traditions of Thailand, Will has travelled extensively throughout the country, seeking the most authentic and ancient recipes from the old kingdom. He spent time with hill tribes, exploring their methods of foraging and fermenting foods, and in many homes, tasting and learning recipes handed down through generations of genuine Thai home cooking, often traceable back to the ancient royal courts of days past.

Always looking to expand and improve upon his discoveries, Will has taken many of these wonderful recipes and added his own twists and interpretations, adapting to the different ingredient base available in Bali and using those ingredients to enhance the essential flavours of the recipes. He has also adapted regional street food recipes, with influences from Arabic, Malay, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Chinese cultures coming together to create a truly exquisite Thai menu at Som Chai.

Som Chai invites guests to embark upon a cultural culinary journey through the diverse regions of Thailand, from the northern hill tribes and provinces to the central royal courts of Bangkok and into the south of the country where Will spent two immersive years learning and understanding southern regional Thai cuisine.

The recipes at Som Chai incorporate traditional Thai ageing and fermenting methods, with the culinary team making their own fish sauce and drying their own prawns and fish. The fresh flavours of the resulting dishes are a result of as many elements as possible being created in-house according to methods gathered by Will through his extensive travels. All curries are prepared in traditional clay pots over wood fires, bringing ancient traditions together with Will’s own touches that never try to reinvent Thai cooking, but only to add and enhance them.

“You only learn from your past mistakes – you never learn from your future mistakes because you haven’t made them yet,” said Will Meyrick. “Hence I believe that growing a successful food culture involves studying the past and applying to the future. I think it is vitally important to remember that every dish has a special place in the culture to which it belongs and is special to those who prepare it. Food is a wonderful portal into culture, and it should be treated as such.”

For the first dinner, on December 8th, Som Chai will focus on Hmong Hill Tribes. Will Meyrick and Dave Metcalf spent two weeks in North Vietnam in September 2018, visiting the Hmong Hill Tribes, travelling around the villages and markets sampling the delicious food, photographing the people and stunning landscapes.

Dave Metcalf is a professional photographer who specialises in indigenous photography and support indigenous programs in Indonesia to preserve the environment and culture.

Visit Dave Metcalf Website : Click Here

Supporting Ethnic Communities

The proceeds of the dinner and 50% of the photographs sold will go to supporting impoverished ethnic communities around the region.

Join us for an evening to support this important project, fusing food and photography which shows you how cultures have come together and shaped one another.

There will be some of Dave’s and Will’s photography for sale on the night and 10% of the cost dinner will go to support Indigenous education, sustainable food production in Borneo and Mother Jungle story telling programs.