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Embark on an evening of discovery as Will Meyrick and Ben McRae present a menu gleaned from the traditions of one of Java’s most revered and magical tribal cultures, the Tenggerese.

FEB 16TH, 7.00PM

DINNER PRICE : 700K NETT/PAX (15% goes to Handep Haruei Foundation)

Optional: Our drinks trolley will offer a selection of cocktails and wines to perfect your culinary experience

The Tenggerese people

Direct descendants of the Majapahit Princely kingdoms who live in the East Java region around the sacred Mount Bromo, the Tenggerese are a resilient and strong society that takes great pride in celebrating its distinctive culture through festivals, tribal gatherings and elaborate weddings.
Buddhism, Animism and Hinduism run like ribbons entwining Tenggerese religion into their ancient beliefs of Ancestor worship creating a complex and fascinating culture that uses foods to communicate to the gods.

The Dinner

For this special event the culinary celebration will be a recreation of specific dishes found in the regions of Malang and Surabaya that integrate the Tenggerese belief in worship and physical wellbeing through an alchemical balance of connecting man with his maker.

Will has recently been exploring the lands of the Tenggerese, spending days travelling through the imposing volcanic topography to discover how Mount Bromo, revered by the Tenggerese as sacred, dictates the yields of crops and livestock and produces the contrasting flows of abundance and hardship that create this extraordinary cuisine. Dry dishes less common elsewhere, full of rich spice, are served with Nasi Aron, a type of rice cake, or Nasi Tumpeng, yellow rice piled high in a concial shape.

The Visuals

A visual exploration of the Tenggerese Festival Yadnya Kasada and other aspects of Tenggerese culture will be guided by David Metcalf, a renown photographer and guide whose knowledge of Indonesian culture spans from his years living in Jakarta and Bali and working in some of the most remote indigenous areas of the archipelago. David’s mission has always been to create communicative and supportive links to the raw purity of Indonesia’s last tribal cultures. By bringing images of the sometimes stark yet intricate communities that exist beyond the reach of ‘modernity’ he believes that the audience can understand the need for these brilliant and sophisticated cultures to retain their integrity without loosing their tribal authenticity.

Visit Dave Metcalf Website : Click Here

Supporting Ethnic Communities

15% of the proceeds of the dinnerwill go to Handep Haruei Foundation (visit website: click here)

Handep Haruei is an agriculture-based social enterprise dedicated to produce, preserve and create added value for locally-grown and forest-based produce – such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. We specialize in growing local and organic fruits and vegetables and producing processed forest-based produce, including herbs, and spices. We also provide capacity building processes for local farmers, all based on sustainable agriculture practices.

The phrase “Handep Haruei” is borrowed from the Dayak Ngaju dialect. Handep is a culture of working together and helping each other within the community, while Haruei means family. Handep Haruei therefore collectively means the spirit of working together and helping each other as a family.

Join us for an evening to support this important project, fusing food and photography which shows you how cultures have come together and shaped one another.