Som Chai Drink Menus

At Som Chai, you also can pair your lunch or dinner with our homemade cocktails. The Lounge is open for a drink with friends and family too !

Crushes (Lunch)

  • Tropical Crush (Pineapple strawberry mango)
  • Coco Lychee (Coconut lychee mint)
  • P.O.M (Pineapple orange mango)
  • Pink Lady (Dragon fruit coconut mango)
  • P.A.W (Pineapple apple watermelon)
  • Herbal Cooler (Ginger lemon mint sugar)

Specials (Lunch)

  • Bir Pletok ( Batavian traditional herbal drink ) (Ginger clove cinnamon cardamom lemongrass water)
  • Matcha Lemonade (Matcha tea lemon sugar)
  • Grass Jelly Iced Latte (Espresso milk sugar grass jelly)

Healthy Juices (Lunch)

  • A.B.C (Apple beetroot carrot)
  • Classic Energizer (Carrot apple ginger)
  • Holy Spirit (Beetroot pineapple cucumber ginger)
  • Sunny Day (Pineapple mint apple)
  • After Morning (Strawberry watermelon lychee)

Iced Tea (Lunch)

  • Blueberry Iced Tea (Black tea blueberry ice cube syrup)
  • Raspberry Rosemary Iced Tea (Black tea infused rosemary raspberry syrup)
  • Funtastea (Earl grey infused clove cinnamon lemongrass lime leaf ginger)
  • Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea (Tea infused apple cinnamon clove honey)
  • Passion and Vanilla Iced Tea (Black tea infused vanilla passion fruit lemon)
  • Rosella Orange Tea (Rosella orange cinnamon clove lemon syrup)
  • Grass Jelly Chai Tea

Signatures (All-Day)

  • The smiling budha (Gin infused chamomile X-rated lemon juice)
  • Summer Smash (Vodka citron vanilla syrup passionfruit puree lemon juice watermelon granita)
  • The First Kiss (Vodka cranberry rose syrup strawberry lemon)
  • Bangkok Smash (Rum apple sour lemon passion fruit)
  • Rose Gin Fizz (Gin egg white rose syrup lime juice)
  • King Linci Roots (Vodka cherry lychee lemon ginger beer)
  • Beetroot Gin Sour (Gin beetroot ginger honey lemon elderflower egg)
  • Apple Mintini (Vodka apple sour lime peppermint tea)
  • Passion Fruit Vanilla Martini (vodka lemon vanilla)
  • Barrel Aged Manhattan (Bourbon triple sec sweet vermouth)
  • Barrel Aged Negroni (Gin campari sweet vermouth)

Classics (All-Day)

  • Moscow Mule (Vodka lemon sugar ginger beer)
  • Thai Mule (Gold rum Thai basil lemon ginger beer)
  • Som Chai Manhattan (Bourbon cynar honey lemon)
  • Gin Breezer (Gin lemon ginger rosemary rose syrup)
  • Blood Orange Whiskey Sour (Bourbon blood orange juice lemon sugar)

Mojitos (All-Day)

  • Coconut Mojito (Rum mint sweet sour coconut)
  • Pala Mojito (Gin pala jam sweet sour mint soda)
  • Raspberry Mojito (Rum sweet sour mint raspberry)
  • Strawberry Mojito (rum mint lemon strawberry)
  • Coriander Highball (Scotch whiskey coriander vanilla syrup pala jam)

Margaritas (All-Day)

  • Lemongrass Pala Margarita (Tequila lemon nutmeg jam lemongrass)
  • Passion Fruit Margarita (Tequila passion fruit honey lemon)
  • Chili Lime Margarita (Tequila chili pineapple honey lemon)
  • Pineapple Coriander Margarita (Tequila triple sec lemon pineapple coriander)
  • Pomelo Rosemary Margarita (Tequila pomelo juice rosemary lemon sugar)