the night unfolds with performance artistes, live music and resident DJs invoking a hedonistic sensory exoticism.

Enjoy a signature cocktail, and some Thai Street Food Snacks

The Concept

Homage is paid to Old Chinatown in Bangkok, where cutting edge bars and cafes are opening up under the awnings of the old town, creating new adventures in nighttime entertainment. Quintessential cocktails are presented in new ways and a host of botanicals are infused into refreshments that invite endless possibilities, blending herbs, infusions and liquors into potions of potency and pleasure. Selected signature and classic mixed drinks, along with fine wines are also served during the opening hours of 6.30pm through to one in the morning.

Selected bites directly inspired from the Thai street food stalls complete your experience…

Signature, Classics and Mojitos


  • Coconut Mojito
    Rum mint sweet sour coconut
  • Pala Mojito
    Gin pala jam sweet sour mint soda
  • Raspberry Mojito
    Rum sweet sour mint raspberry
  • Strawberry Mojito
    Rum mint lemon strawberry
  • Coriander Highball
    Scotch whiskey coriander vanilla syrup pala jam
Som Chai Signature Cocktail Bangkok Smash

Som Chai Signature

  • Bangkok Get Down
    Gin raspberry elder flower nutmeg lime soda
  • Thai Trat
    Smoked sugar cane infused rum DOM lemon basil bitters
  • Sleepy Little Monk
    Rum DOM X-rated pandan syrup
  • Mekong Swizzle
    Rum amaretto sweet vermouth passion fruit
  • Cinnamon Pandan Sour
    Rye whiskey pandan syrup lemon bitters
  • Bangkok Smash
    Rum apple sour lemon passion fruit
  • Campari Sour
    Campari lemon egg white
  • Siam Julep
    Fernet branca Jim beam honey nutmeg mint
  • King Linci Roots
    Vodka cherry lychee lemon ginger beer
  • Chaitini
    Gin lemon Chai tea egg white
  • Drunken Monk
    Dark rum lemon strawberry cotton candy
  • Passionfruit Vanilla Martini
    Vodka lemon vanilla
  • Khun Swy Mak
    Vodka lemon elder flower cranberry cotton candy
  • Barrel Aged Negroni
    Gin Campari sweet vermouth
  • Barrel Aged Manhattan
    Bourbon triple sec sweet vermouth


  • Lemongrass Pala Margarita
    Tequila lemon nutmeg jam lemongrass
  • Cocka Too
    Tequila blueberry lemon passionfruit foam
  • Passion Fruit Margarita
    Tequila passion fruit honey lemon
  • Chili Lime Margarita
    Tequila chili pineapple honey lemon
  • Pineapple Coriander Margarita
    Tequila triple sec lemon pineapple coriander
  • Night in Pataya
    Tequila black pepper elder flower grapefruit juice lemon kaffir lime

Som Chai Classics

  • Passionfruit Old Fashioned
    Jim Beam Black X-rated lemon vanilla passionfruit
  • Thai Mule
    Dark rum Thai basil lemon ginger beer
  • Thai Side Car
    Brandy peach lemon Thai basil
  • Coconut Passionfruit Daiquiri
    Rum coconut pineapple passion fruit
  • Rye Manhattan
    Rye Cynar honey lemon
  • Moscow Mule
    Vodka lemon sugar ginger beer
  • Lime Lemo Mule
    Gin lemon sugar kaffir lime soda
  • Rose Boulevardiere
    Jack Daniel Campari sweet vermouth apple grenadine
  • Apple Boulevardiere
    Rye whiskey Cynar Martini Rosso lemon poached apple


  • Heineken Draught